STRESSED? .....BREATHE...if you are experiencing anxiety or stress at the moment, use the breath bubble below to begin concentrating on your breathing. Regulating your breathing is vital to reducing anxiety and stress.

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Stress Relief Music

MUSIC FOR STRESS RELIEF, RELAXATION AND FOCUS:  Below you will find links to music that promotes stress relief, relaxation and concentration. Did you know that to a certain extent your heartbeat will begin to mimic the rhythm of the music you are listening to? When played softly in the background, music can make a world of difference in your day!

Live Panda Cam

Virtual Drawing

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5 Minute Meditation

Here you will find various online, virtual tools and resources to help you relax and reduce stress. Each area provides targeted strategies to help relax the mind, body and soul. Bookmark this page for easy access to relaxing virtual tools to keep at your fingertips!

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LIVE ANIMAL CAMS:  Did you know that watching animals can help bring a sense of calm to your mind? At the same time, providing a smile and maybe even a laugh - releasing powerful endorphins to help you feel better!

MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS:  Here you will find quick mindfulness videos to do anywhere! Meditating and being "present in the moment" is a great way to start your day! These quick strategies can help you refocus on your response instead of the stress itself.

Music to Help You Focus


Virtual Rubiks Cube

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Live Golden Retrieve Puppy Cam

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