Recipients left to right: Skylar Taylor, Katlyn Lang, Josiah Jordan, Addie Shepart and Megan Brown

(not pictured: Olivia Roscow)

Fox High School 

Amanda Nicholson

Festus High School

As a part of Cole's Hope Foudnation mission of helping and providing resources and assistance to students in need, Cole's Hope Foundation is sponsoring 8 Technology Grants for 2016. Each Technology Grant includes a new touchscreen computer, backpack, flashdrive, food giftcard and school supplies. 

Ashley Smith

Festus High School

Briana Medley

Windsor High School

Ten 2017 Technology Grants!

Grants have been awarded! 

Congratulations to our recipients!

Pics coming soon!

In 2016, 15 scholarships were been awarded to students in the Jefferson County area. Twelve students in the Fox C6 School District, one student at Festus High School, one student at Desoto High School, and one student at Windsor High School have been awarded our 2016 Scholarship package. Each student recieved a $1,000 scholarship and our Get Ready for Campus Care Package that includes a new Nextbook Flexx 10 touchscreen computer, backpack, $50 gas card, $10 food card, flashdrive and numerous school supplies. Congratulations to our fifteen 2016 winners! You are a guiding light for our future! We are so very proud of you and honored to award you this scholarship! Good luck and best wishes on your college endeavors!


Peyton Rauhaus

Windsor High School

Mackenzie Barker

Desoto High School

Graduates left to right:

Abigail Price, Nichole McCord, Elizabeth Brown

Desoto High School

More Pictures coming soon!

1. Michael Brown - Fox High School

2. Cathy Burgard - Herculaneum High School

3. Abigail Franken - Northwest High School

4. Autumn Heath - Festus High School 

5. Emma Knickman - Festus High School

6. Andrew Myers - Fox High School

7. Paige Pisoni - Fox High School

8. Austin Prince - Herculaneum High School

9. Catlin Seymour - Crystal City High School

10. Bailey Wilson - Windsor High School

2018 Cole's Hope Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

Front Row (left to right)

1. Katelyn Sims - Seckman High School

2. Gina Buehner - Director, Cole's mom forever

3. Sarah Rambo - Fox High School

4. Kirsten Preston - Fox High School

Back Row (left to right)

1. Philip Gurt - Seckman High School

2. Keven Been - Seckman High School

3. Caleb Beiter - Fox High School

4. Olivia Deer - Seckman High School

5. Emily Brakemeyer - Seckman High School

6. Kaitlyn Plank - Seckman High School

7. Andrew Totterer - Fox High School

8. Nikole Mann - Fox High School

Not Pictured: Jana Siegler - Seckman High School

More Pictures coming soon!

2018 Cole Buehner Memorial Scholarship and 2-Year Degree Scholarship Opportunities!


Our scholarships are open once a year to high school seniors in Jefferson County, MO. Eligibility requirements are listed on the application form. 

Memorial Scholarship$1,000 scholarship to attending institution and our Get Ready for Campus care package that includes a new Chromebook screen computer, gas and food cards as well as essential school supplies!

NEW! 2 Year Degree Scholarship - Our First Annual 2 Year Degree Scholarship sponsors one student to two years of paid tuition, books and fees to Jefferson College. This scholarship is for students seeking a two year Associate Degree, certificate program or technical degree through Jefferson College, Missouri. This also include our Get Ready for Campus care package that includes a new Chromebook computer, gas and food cards as well as essential school supplies! See scholarship application page 4 for full rules and regulations.


In 2015, Cole's Hope Foundation sponsored ten $1,000 scholarships. Each scholarship included a "Get Ready for Campus" care package that included a new touchscreen laptop, laptop case, $50 gas card, food cards and numerous school supplies! 

Cole's Hope Foundation 2-Year Degree Scholarship Recipient:

1. Michaela Green - Herculaneum High School

2017 Scholarship recipients!

In May of 2017, Cole's Hope Foundation awarded 12 Memorial Scholarships to students from Fox High School, Festus High School, Herculaneum High School, Windsor High School and Desoto High School! Congratulations graduates and very best wishes on your new adventure! Live life to the fullest, and make a difference along the way!

2015 Scholarship Recipients

(Some recipients not pictured)

2016 Technology Grants!

Grants have been awarded! 

Congratulations to our recipients!

Watch for our 2017 Tech Grant offers in November of 2017!

Harmonye' Sessoms

Windsor High School

Cole's Hope Foundation: Awarding scholarships to students in Jefferson County, MO. Cole's Hope has awarded over $70,000 in student scholarships and given out 77 new computers and essential school supplies since May of 2015!

2018 Scholarship Recipients Awarded!

See below

2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Cole Buehner Memorial Scholarship! 15 Scholarships awarded for 2016!

2016 Scholarship Recipients: