You will FOREVER be missed,

            ALWAYS be loved,

   and the whole world will remember you and know your story.

​You live on through the the lives you have touched.

           Alive and strong with your life's song.......

                              you're still singing it.

One of Cole's targets, a week after he turned 14.

Cole's expert shooting record

Cole began shooting and hunting when he was 6 years old. He started with a 223 then quickly moved his way up to his beloved Remmington 700. He took his stock 7 ml and rebuilt it, replacing everything; rebuilding it from the ground up. He also added a Barska scope, although his dream scope was a Trijicon (he knew he'd have to save for quite some time to afford that scope :) ). Cole worked frequently with his grandpa to reload and would test and record his shoots with various types of ammunition and grain. He quickly proved to be an expert shooter by the age of 13. One love of Cole's was going to the rifle range with his grandpa to shoot. Now, at the cemetery where Cole is laid to rest, you can stand at his grave and hear the sounds of the guns from the same rifle range that Cole and his grandpa spent so much time at. 


2012 - Cole was 14

Cole and his prize tom

Cole doing what he loved: four-wheelin

Cole with one of his many deer.

Cole was a 17 year old junior at Seckman High

School in Imperial, MO. Cole was raised in a rural

area but always wanted to live on a farm!

interesting facts

- Cole had a tattoo on his left arm that read 
"Everything happens for a reason"

- Cole visited his PaPa's grave hours before

Cole was called by God.

- Cole had stated since he was 4 years old 

"Don't worry mom. Jesus heals people."

- One tattoo that Cole wanted to get was 

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who

strengthens me

The day we lost our extraordinary son.

It was a Tuesday evening and I had just tried on all of my hunting gear that I had gotten for my birthday in preparation for my first hunting trip with Cole. He was so excited to take me, "Mom, you need to learn how to hunt! And you're going with me!" he would say. After I tried on my clothing I ran out to show him and he smiled. "You're ready!" he said. I went back inside, then ran back out to show him one more thing and he had already left. Moments later, we heard the sound of an accident from our kitchen. Chad immediately had a feeling that Cole was involved, so we took off. As we pulled up to the accident scene, before first responders had even arrived, we ran up only to see our son's lifeless body lying in the middle of the road. Although we cried, prayed and pleaded for our son to stay with us, I can now look back and say that I find comfort in knowing that my son was immediately met by Jesus as the Lord took him by the hand because He needed him more than we did. As we try to find our way through every parent's worst nightmare, we thank God every day that He chose US to be Cole's family and blessed us with the best 17 years of our lives. It is now my mission to continue my son's passion of living life to the fullest and making a difference along the way.

- Gina Buehner

Cole's mom forever

Special visitors

- Several days after we lost Cole, we had many visitors come to the house, many of whom were students. These students shared stories with us about how

our son changed their life; how he gave them HOPE and a shoulder to lean on. How he protected those being mistreated. We even heard a story of how our son SAVED a young girl's life. "He saved my life" she told us. "If it weren't for him and his help, I wouldn't have gotten the help I needed. I had to tell you, he saved my life." She later shared that she had a plan to take her life one night. It was Cole who stayed with her on the phone all night. It was Cole who gave her HOPE and saved her life.

Cole was blessed with an amazing older brother, Blake. Cole's parents, Chad and Gina, have been married for over 21 years. Cole and Blake were extremely close and best friends at heart. Cole loved and cared about his family deeply and let everyone know how he felt. He has 6 cousins, 3 aunts, 4 uncles, and 4 grandparents, one of who he is now with in heaven.....his PaPa. Cole also loved his two dogs, Molly (Golden Retriever) and Harley (his Rottweiler). Everyone who knew Cole also knew that his Chevy truck was his "baby".


Cole was an avid hunter, fisherman, and gunsmith. He loved riding his four-wheeler, going muddin' in his Chevy truck, and just being in the woods.

Cole's philosophy

Live life to the fullest, and make a difference along

the way.  Everyone has a story, and everyone deserves a second chance.

Cole buehner - a kid full of life

Our son Cole rode his 4-wheeler to the fullest, drove his truck to the fullest, hunted to the fullest and most of all, Cole LOVED to the fullest. Cole loved his friends and family dearly and had a way to make each one of them feel special. Although Cole went through struggles of his own, he used those experiences to allow him to reach out to so many kids. To say that we are proud is quite the understatement. He also had a love for nature. When we found that Cole's phone survived the accident, we decided to look at his pictures (and he took thousands!) These pictures are now something that we smile at, laugh at, and hold closely to our hearts. It was almost as if he took these pictures knowing how much we would cherish them. Little did we know how passionate our son was about nature and taking beautiful pictures of the majesty around him. He was also always very strong in his faith and wasn't afraid to show it. Cole had several pictures of Jesus on his phone, in his truck, and in his room as well as inspirational quotes.We also found many amazing pictures of his beloved Chevy Silverado. He was a "Chevy Boy" through and through.

Cole's family


Colton michael buehner

8/29/97 - 10/21/14

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