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"The first time someone tries to kill themselves it's a cry for help. When no1 answers they're gone before you know it. All because he/she had no1 to talk to, no1 to run to. Because everywhere you go, when you tell someone how you feel, what you've done, what you've been through...they judge you."

              - Facebook post by Cole Buehner

something to think about:

We all want to live our life to the fullest, right? But do we ever attain our "fullest"? How do we know if we have reached our "fullest"? To me, the answer is simple; laugh often, love always, forgive regularly and give every day. If we laugh often, like every day, we spread smiles, we warm hearts, and sometimes we hurt bellies because we laugh so hard. If we love always, we show compassion, we let others know we care, and we let those we love, know it. If we forgive regularly, we admit our own faults, we give others a second chance, and we renew our spirit. If we give every day, we offer hope, we offer help, and we change lives. From now on, let's live our lives to the fullest! All of this, was taught to me, by my two sons. Thank you Blake & Cole Buehner, for making me a better person.

I love you,

​Love mom.


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