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Cole's Hope Foundation

P.O. Box 384

​Arnold, MO 63010

You are not alone.


Why are we committed to helping special needs students and students with special circumstances/hardship situations?

Cole was placed on an IEP in 7th grade. After Cole experienced struggles of his own, he used those experiences to help him reach out to others who needed a little HOPE. He helped kids work through emotional struggles, family and relationship struggles, addictions, and making better choices to better their life. It is now our mission to reach out to these same students and continue his passion.

We believe in second chances. We believe in HOPE. We want to reach out those who may be misunderstood or otherwise not have an opportunity to get help.

What do we mean by special needs and special circumstances?

Special Needs: Any student who has an IEP, whether it be for cognitive, emotional, or physical impairments.

Special Circumstances/Hardship Situations: any student who has or is experiencing any of the following:

- loss of a parent or loved one

- child of a single parent or child of divorce

- child of foster care

- homeless or temporary housing

- struggling with emotional concerns

​- recovering from addictions

- other special circumstances

Cole's Hope Foundation Mission:

Cole's Hope Foundation was created to honor the memory of our son, Colton Buehner, who lost his life on 10/21/14 at age 17. Our mission is to continue his passion to reach out to others. We always knew that Cole had a huge heart, but until we heard stories, testimonies and read posts, we had no idea just how many people he shared his heart with. Cole had a passion to reach out to others. He offered advice, a shoulder to lean on, and most of all, Cole offered HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, for a second chance, and hope to rise above.

Coles' Hope Foundation will honor his memory and passion by sponsoring yearly scholarships and offering assistance to special needs students and students with special circumstances. We will offer resources, support groups, hunting camps, and other events to help students as well as parents. Our goal is to reach out to those in need and offer the HOPE.