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Your speech was the most inspirational speech I have ever heard in my life. It was the most powerful message ever." - local business owner

"Your speech was the best speech I have ever heard in my life. I will remember it forever." - parent of a senior

"I will never forget your message. It has changed my life. Thank you." - high school senior

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"Your story has strengthened my faith. Thank you." - high school teacher

"This finally gives us hope. I was hurting so bad, but now I know I'm not alone. I'm so thankful for you sharing this." - high school freshman

"Your story and message inspired me more than you know. Thank you so much." - high school teacher

"It was an extremely powerful message. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You gave me a new perspective of how to help my child." - parent of teenager

Cole's Hope Foundation Inspirational Outreach offers a powerful message of HOPE.

A message guaranteed to encourage, inspire and motivate. 

Gina, Blake, Cole and Chad -  2012

Inspirational Outreach - Keynote Speaking and Inspirational Messages

Cole age 15

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Cole and Blake, 2012

Cole and Blake, 2012

Blake, Gina and Cole, 2012

About Gina Buehner - Cole's mom forever

Gina Buehner turned 40 just four days after her youngest son lost his life in an accident less than a mile from their home on 10/21/14. She is the mother of two amazing boys, Blake, who will soon be 21, and Cole who became an angel one month after turning 17. Gina is an educator and an assistant principal at a high school in Arnold, MO. Her passion has always been to work with students who have special needs or are going through special circumstances, as well as students who are at risk. Her educational career has always been devoted to making connections with kids who need HOPE the most, kids who need someone in their life to listen, to understand them, and to guide them. Cole was placed on an IEP in 7th grade for ADHD and mood swings, which placed him on the "ED" end of the IEP. When Cole began to struggle with issues of his own when entering his teen years, as a mother, Gina never gave up, she never gave in, and she was determined to help her son. She was then driven by a personal conviction to reach out to students who struggled with the same issues as her son as she walked alongside him with encouragement and support. Cole overcame his obstacles and used those experiences to allow him to reach out to others who needed help. He offered them a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and most of all, he offered them HOPE. HOPE for a second chance, for a new beginning; for a brighter tomorrow. Gina shares Cole's story, his passion for giving, and her determination to continue his spirit of reaching out to others. Gina will offer the audience inspiration and motivation to be the change in the world that we want to see, and the change that these kids need to have. Her message is inspiring, empowering, and life changing. Gina's message of HOPE, will leave the audience inspired to change lives. She has a bachelors degree in education, a masters in educational administration and is currently pursuing her specialist in educational superintendency. She has presented at numerous character education conferences on topics such as building empathic relationships and battling bullying. She is trained on Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid. She has developed and implemented numerous character education programs and is a graduate of LACE (Leadership Academy of Character Education). She is also a recipient of numerous national character education awards.

Coping with teens - teens are different; different than you and I were as teens. Why? Because the world is different. Because the world is faster, it's busier, and it's more "social". Pressures are different. Much different. They are bigger, more intense, and more personal. As parents and educators, we must understand this, we must embrace this. 

Who do you inspire? - Each day is an opportunity to inspire someone around you. How do you live each day? Most of us live in the fast pace of everyday life, waking up and going through the day on "auto pilot". Do you ever wake up with a mission to make a difference?  Do you stop to offer HOPE, or do you walk on by? We must embrace each day and live life to the fullest.

Changing Lives - begin each day with a grateful heart, for when you do, you are contagious, you inspire, and you change lives. What you do every day, matters to someone. Who do you, matter to?

Understand the misunderstood - when students are "labeled" as ED "emotionally disturbed", it does NOT mean they are "disturbed". It means they are struggling with something, they need your help; to listen to them, to understand them, and to love them. They need your patience. They need your understanding. They need you, to be non-judgmental.

Additional messages to BE THE CHANGE!

Erase the stigma - mental illness, IEP's and physical impairments do not mean there is something wrong with them. It means they have special needs; needs that need to be recognized, that need to be nourished, needs that need to be encouraged. The stigma begins and ends with us. 

Choose your message. From the voice of a mother who lost her extraordinary son, Cole's Hope Foundation offers the audience a message of HOPE. HOPE to those who need it most. We will tailor each speaking engagement to meet your needs. Our message centers around HOPE and inspiration; we motivate, to make a difference. We make solid connections with our audience as we engage with meaningful dialogue that is powerfully inspirational. We share and express common ground with the audience. If you are looking to inspire your audience, you've come to the right place!

Message for Schools and Students-  a message of HOPE. Build others UP instead of bringing them down. Open your heart, be a friend, and change a life. Never underestimate the impact you have on someone else. A true testimony of how just a few encouraging words, and small acts of kindness will make a difference, and even save a life.

Message for Adults and Teachers- a story of HOPE to inspire, to encourage and to recognize those kids who are often misunderstood or translucent. She shares Cole's story, his passion and his heart. Her message; WE can be the force to change the world around us; by opening our eyes, our ears, and most importantly, our hearts.

Message for Church and Youth Groups- a powerful story of faith in the eyes of a tragedy. Courage during a time of absent strength. Just when she questioned her life's existence, God stepped in. A powerful, inspirational story of HOPE, faith, courage, and God's grace.